Herbal Melts / Drizzle Melts

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Easy to use melts with 6 break away pieces.  Just place a cube in you warmer and enjoy.

Warm Cinnamon Buns* (Brown) – You don’t need the fair for sticky buns! A high throw of cinnamon with a mild buttery cake throw will have you waiting for more!

Home For the Holidays (Red) (Seasonal) – Flights have landed, your bags are unpacked- and the family is home- baking and all is right again! Tones of apple, citrus, cinnamon and clove; a woodsy blend for a vibrant throw of seasonal baking and warm apple cider by the fire!

Leather (Medium Brown) – A pure natural leather, sure to impress and be enjoyed!

Crisp Cotton* (White) – Fresh air blended with clean linen; a year round customer favorite!